Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Calendar Update

Meetings of the AOPR group are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Brasil 25 West Restaurant. Upcoming dates are:
* February 17th, 6-8 PM
* March 17th, 6-8pm , Featured Speaker is David O'Rourke, local author, water colorist and documetarian with a recent film on PBS. He is also a Dominican Priest, Canon Lawyer for the Oakland Diocese & Parochial Administrator for Our Lady of Mercy Parich in Point Richmond

Current exhibit locations of AOPR members' work:

* "Local Artists Supporting Community" Point Richmond Post Office Bay Windows - Artists are Rita Bagley, Painter and Virginia Rigney, Sculptor

* "Local Artists Supporting Community" Betts Building @ 217 West Richmond Avenue - Artsits are Susan Shore, Painter/Sculptor, Linda Drake, Painter/Illustrator of Vintage Views of Old Point Richmond Town, Steven Hurst, Functional Art (clocks)/Painter

* "The Point is Abstraction" Brasil 25 West Restaurant - 15 local artsists

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